Deployment Environmental Surveillance Program 



To support a system capable of providing Commanders and other decision-makers pertinent information needed to detect, assess, and counter deployment occupational and environmental health threats as part of a comprehensive military medical surveillance program required by Department of Defense (DOD) regulations and directives.  The DESP coordinates with other U.S. Army Public Health Command technical programs, subordinate Commands, and various levels of Army, Air Force, Navy, Marine, DOD, Joint Staff, and Combatant Command entities to develop various decision-support tools, equipment, sampling and surveillance techniques, and guidance that directly assist preventive medicine and Command-level decision-making during deployments.  The primary functions of DESP are deployment occupational and environmental health surveillance (OEHS) data analysis, and information production on detecting, assessing and countering environmental health risks during deployments for world-wide Combatant Command locations.

Occupational and Environmental Surveillance Data at Deployment Locations worldwide, see our SIPRNET website: or the Military Exposure Surveillance Library at link  

For information about environmental sampling data and access to or how to obtain a DOEHRS account, see the following website: external link  


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