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Army Public Health Course
Instructional Method
Army Public Health Center
Target Audience
This course is open to the following AMEDD officer, warrant officer & enlisted specialties: 60C/D, 64A-Z, 640A, 68 Series, 66B, 71B, & 72A-D. This course is also open to DOD Civilian Public Health Professionals as well as Air Force, Navy & DOD Civilians serving in Public Health positions at all staff & command levels.

The Army Public Health Course will be held at Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst (JBMDL), New Jersey from 1 - 7 August 2020.

This year's course is designed to provide Public Health Professionals an opportunity to keep abreast of the most current public health topics and services through its 2020 theme, <TBD>.  Now modeled across the capabilities and functions of the 10 Essential Public Health Services, the DOD’s public health assets will synchronize efforts in order to maintain continuity in the delivery of its services.  To adapt to current changes in the Public Health Enterprise, its governance, and the ever changing operational landscape, the Army Public Health Course also serves as a platform to synergize strategic, operational and tactical efforts.  Here, the Army’s public health framework will be further defined and real-time use of its strategies implemented.

Course content includes workshops, breakout sessions and a plenary.  It is a 40 hour ATRRS course with Course Code 2608-A0102.  40 hours of recorded classroom time and a complete DA 3838 is a requisite for ATRRS credit.
There are no prerequisites for this course.

course enrollment will open on or about 1 april 2020.

Enrollment instructions will be provided prior to 1 April 2020.

 -- Enrollment will end on 17 July 2020, WALK-IN ENROLLMENT WILL NOT BE OFFERED. All attendees must enroll prior to 17 July 2020 and prior to attending --

Course Inquiries:
email with questions

Foreign National Participation:
Due to raised FPCON levels, t
he Army Public Health Course Director regrets that Foreign Nationals are NOT invited to participate in the 2020 Army Public Health Course.

ATTRS Credit:
Registration is managed through the Army Public Health Center and NOT through ATRRS.  To receive ATRRS credit, submit a DA 3838 AND complete 40 hours worth of course work.  Submit your DA 3838 to: with the following naming convention: LastName.FirstName.ATRRS.  Address the DA 3838 TO: DCS-PH / APHC, 8252 Blackhawk Rd., Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD 21010 and FROM the duty station you will be assigned during course execution.  Block 2 is required for ATRRS purposes.  Form must be signed.  Upon completion of the course, all DA 3838’s will be submitted to ATRRS by the course director or designated alternate.

Central Funding:
Limited central funding is available for speakers, active duty Army Public Health officers, enlisted, and DOD civilians.  Central funding will cover travel, lodging and per diem at JBMDL rates.  Centrally funded are required to request rental car support from their home unit.  To request central funding, submit a DA 3838 to with the following naming convention: LastName.FirstName.AOC/speaker/job series. "Requesting central funding" must be stated in the subject line or an ATRRS credit request will be assumed. Address the DA 3838 TO: DCS-PH / APHC, 8252 Blackhawk Rd., Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD 21010 and FROM the duty station you will be assigned during course execution.  Block 2 is required for DTS purposes.  Include the duty location you will be assigned to during course execution in Block 7.  Adjust the dates in Block 16 to reflect desired days of attendance.  Form must be signed.

Attendees of the 2020 Army Public Health Course interested in taking the REHS/RS and/or the CPH exam must coordinate with the course content coordinator at: (410) 790-3027
or  Include the name of the exam(s) in the subject line of the email. The application and fee for the REHS/RS must be submitted to the National Environmental Health Association by 01 June 2020.   The application and fee for the CPH must be submitted to the National Board of Public Health Examiners by 01 June 2020.  Instructions on how to register will be found in the Course EXTRANET page.

Limited lodging is available at the All American Inn on JBMDL under room block #20150103443, 'Public Health Course'.  Call (609) 754-4667 to make reservations. A government travel card must be used to secure the reservation. Lodging at the All American Inn is directed for centrally funded individuals.  Breakfast is NOT included at the All American Inn.  There is no dining facility support for the course.    

Course Schedule
There are no sessions scheduled at this time. Please check back later.

If no classes are available or fit your schedule... You can help us by letting us know you are interested in this course. Use the link below to provide us with the necessary information.

Email Question to Course Director